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Welcome to the GAP Network

Resourcing Progressives

Filling the Resource Gap for Grassroots Progressive Organizers

To defeat the MAGA movement, protect democracy, and advance progressive causes, we need the continued contribution of the grassroots organizers who helped deliver a “Blue Wave” in the 2018 midterms, win the Senate and Presidency in 2020, and defy expectations in 2022.

These leaders are woefully under-resourced and under-funded. The GAP Network connects organizers with the support they need to do their critical work. 


The GAP Network evolved from an informal community of statewide coalition leaders of “Resistance” organizing groups that sprung up following the 2016 elections. These coalition leaders identified a shared problem. Their constituent groups tended to be volunteer led and legally unincorporated. Lacking non-profit status and without any paid fundraisers, they were invariably overlooked by the progressive donor community. These talented and hardworking organizers struggled to secure access to critical resources such as voter file data, tech tools, and volunteer support & training. They were expected to work without compensation or the ability to hire staff.

GAP steps into this critical breach by partnering with donors to facilitate the direct flow of resources and funds to vetted local organizers.

This approach helps funders support grassroots groups without jeopardizing the flexibility that makes these grassroots leaders so effective. By facilitating the sharing of best practices and innovative ideas, GAP also allows boots on the ground leaders to learn quickly from the successes and failures of their peers, and optimize their groups’ efforts in the communities where they organize.

Build Relationships

Establish and strengthen organizing networks by
fostering and stewarding relationships between
values-aligned groups

Accelerate Information Flows

Ensure that resources, information, and success
stories can easily flow across the network to improve the efficacy and efficiency of groups across the nation

Distribute Resources

Attract donors, establish partnerships, and compile resource libraries, to amplify the impact of the network and its constituent groups

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