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Welcome to the GAP Network

Resourcing Progressives

Three power of our model is generated by: relationships, information flow, and resource availability.

GAP establishes and develops relationships between grassroots groups to help coordinate actions based on shared values and a common mission.

The GAP Method

GAP helps information like data, best practices, etc. —and resources — like funding, training, tools and more — flow across a network of grassroots groups with minimal friction.

By accelerating those flows, leaders can quickly
learn from the successes and failures of their
peers, and optimize their groups’ efforts in the
communities where they organize.

This approach helps funders and national organizations
support grassroots groups without jeopardizing
the nimbleness and flexibility that makes them worth
supporting. When local progressive leadership is
supported by national funding, progressives win.

Build Relationships

Establish and strengthen organizing networks by
fostering and stewarding relationships between
values-aligned groups

Accelerate Information Flows

Ensure that resources, information, and success
stories can easily flow across the network to improve the efficacy and efficiency of groups across the nation

Distribute Resources

Attract donors, establish partnerships, and compile resource libraries, to amplify the impact of the network and its constituent groups

Help Us Support Progressive Wins

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